How To Restart Ghost Blog

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This is a very basic tutorial to restart ghost blog application. You may think that there is no need to write about because all know about it. But every ghost user are not developer. And I sow at Ghost Forum that many user are posting to know how to restart ghost blog. Actually we need to restart ghost application for many reasons like changing theme or plugins. So, that thing inspire me to write this post for the Ghost beginners. Actually for other platform we do not need to restart our server or CMS for update. But here we need.

Any way, Restarting Ghost is quite easy. There are several way depends where you are using it. Let’s start with command prompt.

How to Restart Ghost by Command Prompt:

It’s so simple. Just press Ctrl+C in the terminal and npm start to start the application again.

But if are not so much familiar with Node and Command Prompts you may ask like me “Where to press Ctrl+C , what is terminal and where to type npm start;-)

So, You better continue reading next paragraph.

How to Restart Ghost Blog by Bitnami:

If you use Bitnami as your local ghost server then you can easily restart your ghost server through application.

1. Go to the Bitnami Application.

restart ghost

2. Click ‘Manage Services’ from the upper tab.

3. At the right side, click ‘Restart’ button and wait a while.

How to Restart Ghost Blog at Server:

Many hosting now are allowing one click ghost installer. So, if you are using one then-

1. Log in to your server. And go to the application folder.

2. Find folder name ‘tmp’..../ghost/tmp/ .

3. There make an empty .txt file named “restart.txt”.

Then your server will automatically restart !

Hope you did it. There might some other ways to restart ghost for upgraded versions. Share your experience with us.


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3 Responses to “How To Restart Ghost Blog”

  1. Howdy says:

    Or you could just npm restart –production

  2. AKM Borhanich says:

    Hello Tahmid, I try to follow your instruction but i can’t Restart my Ghost Blog. There was no “temp” file on the server. So I create a Folder and then I also create a file called “restart.txt” but nothing Happened. Is there any alternative?

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