More About Me


My name is Richard Cameron and I have been doing this travel blogging since 2010, so I know how passionate I am about travel. I am a traveler first, and then I am a blogger. I am an award-winning blogger, so I am very picky about what sponsors I choose, and I only choose those that are passionate about the traveling and nomad lifestyles.

Nomads are people who like to travel and explore, but they don’t like hotels and “staycation”. Traveling nomad lifestyle means: driving across countries, stopping in small towns, unpacking, cooking your own food, doing your own laundry, and basically living in the moment. It’s more fun to be out there, and I think it helps people create balance. I also believe that being “on the road” is much healthier and cheaper than staying in a hotel.

That’s all I find myself most comfortable in! Living like the locals, getting to know the customs, and sharing this experience with all of you.

I am a travel blogger because I am a nomad. I do not want to be tied down to a traditional lifestyle of renting a hotel and sleeping in a B&B. I love exploring new places, trying new foods, meeting new people, and enjoying life to the fullest while I am doing it.

Being nomadic has allowed me to travel the world, see my family a few times, and pay less on a vacation than I could if I stayed in a hotel for a year.

Traveling for over 10 years now has brought me some beautiful memories and created ties with people all over the globe. Check how my journey started by going through my posts!